Dear Clinton Wing Democrats

Dear Clinton Wing friends of the Democrat Party,

I believe that now is the time for you to make the decision of a lifetime. I am asking you to abandon a sitting Democrat president.

President Obama has been a miserable failure of a President. History will judge him much harder than the Presidency of James Earl Carter. President Carter always received cover because of his convictions and the strength of his faith. Even though the administration was a failure, most Americans, still believe that President Carter is a good person and a much better and noble Ex-President than President. There will be no such love for President Obama. The trans-formative expectations for Mr. Obama were so high that really only a Herculean character could live up to them. President Obama has not. He has measurably been a failure on all fronts.

(-2.9%) The growth of the US economy for the first quarter of 2014. Free-falling Failure. There is no triangulation. There is no securing the middle of the electorate and the country. There is no economic miracle. This Presidency is a failure. One unique part of the separation of powers is that the President reigns supreme when working on American foreign policy. Walking away from Obama for this issue alone is the responsible thing to do. We have lost Egypt, lost Iraq, lost Pakistan, lost Libya, and are jump starting a new cold war with the most powerful Russian leader since Ivan the Terrible.

President Obama is a failure on his own political promises. The White House has picked Elizabeth Warren as their candidate for POTUS2016. This is a huge betrayal. This man does not deserve your support.

I predict that President Obama will leave the White House judged as the most incompetent President of the modern age. Now is the time to get some distance between you and the joke that Obama will be. He will be the standard bearer of failure and betrayer of the dream that is America.

If you voice your displeasure with Obama programs, If you voice your disagreement with administration policies, and if you run to the center then I believe you can remain a viable party. The republicans are getting this new libertarian world view crammed down their throats....but when they reassemble it is very likely the GOP will be a majority party again...especially if it stands in real contrast to the failed President Obama. It is time to bow out of the suicide pact. It is time to come back to the center.