Afternoon Drive Video Stream 10/21/21

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NEW Website for the Point WQXL

Yesterday was the first day of the station having a new much improved web presence. The former site was good but this new one is much better and much more functional. Drop by www.makethepointradio.com and give it a test drive. The site is feature packed and more and more content will be on the site as time allows for its creation.

I am happy for and proud of Keven Cohen for taking the time and expense to put this together.

America's Radio Show on WQXL

We are back! After many months in the desert of not having a terrestrial home we have landed with the great people at WQXL 95.9FM and 1470AM MakeThePointRadio.com This station and it's phoenix like rebirth with local radio star Keven Cohen is a great story in itself. I'll type it up someday. We are on Sunday nights 8-9 NYC time.

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