Dangerous Doug Kendall Visits the show 6/05/2016

Sunday night has Dangerous Doug Kendall dropping buy for a visit. Ages ago and on three or so different radio programmes we have shared the air with Dangerous Doug.

America's Radio Show on WQXL

We are back! After many months in the desert of not having a terrestrial home we have landed with the great people at WQXL 95.9FM and 1470AM MakeThePointRadio.com This station and it's phoenix like rebirth with local radio star Keven Cohen is a great story in itself. I'll type it up someday. We are on Sunday nights 8-9 NYC time.

SHOT 2015

At SHOT2015 this year and as a bit of an insider I can tell you that many of the vendors/designers/engineers in the firearm segment of the economy are LIBERTARIAN. Go figure that in one of the heaviest regulated industries those people that are wholly at the tip of the spear of interface of government overreach themselves choose liberty.

Dear Clinton Wing Democrats

Dear Clinton Wing friends of the Democrat Party,

I believe that now is the time for you to make the decision of a lifetime. I am asking you to abandon a sitting Democrat president.

Americasradioshow looking for a new home

I just found out, today, that the terrestrial radio station I have been on for the last 10 and a half years is changing its format in the new year. The station is going to be all sports talk and ESPN. Tomorrow is my last show on WOIC. Looking for a new radio home as I write this.... I'll post the new details of the new digs as soon as know something concrete. Have a merry CHRISTmas and a wholly awesome new year.

God is good! The Christ is born!

Feb 8th 2A Rally at SC Statehouse

I got to speak at a group of great gun people at the SC Statehouse. Below is the clip of my speech. Do check the channel of ronkpaws1 for the rest of the most excellent speeches.


These Gun Guys Will be on the program 6/24/2012

Custom Defense Solutions will be talking guns and state and national gun policy. Catch us Sunday at 7:05pm Eastern(NYC) time on WOIC 1230AM and at http://stream.americasradioshow.com


Great YouTubers

Hickok45 is one of my fav YouTube channels. I thought he was a history teacher until I communicated with him. It is literature FTW.


Enjoy and comment



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