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Gadsen Flag A Flyin

Hosted and produced by Dr. Gene Garris from WQXL 95.9 FM and 1470 AM in Columbia, South Carolina. Http:// Your host is a student of South Carolina and National Politics and thanks to many years of campaign experience will give you special insight and 'inside baseball' access to what is really happening in our mediated political reality.

Dr. Garris is an avid sportsman, second amendment rights supporter, and all around good guy. In other words 'Guns, Guns, Guns, Freedom, Liberty, Camping, Hiking, Shooting, Knives, Knives, Knives, and Family.'

Technology and how technological advances impact our lives are very important to the show and to Dr. Garris. Great companies let us test awesome goods and we are happy to tell you what we really think of the item.

There are many ways to listen to the show: Terrestrial Radio Signal if you are in the broadcast area 95.9FM and 1470AM in Columbia, SC. You can listen at the website Stream from the website at the listen live link. You can also use your smart phone or other connected device with the tune in app for android and for apple The Tune-In App is even for Windows devices and smart phones at the following link

In all these cases just search for the following: makethepoint and that will pull up our wonderful gem of a station. Enjoy.